We are passionate in our belief that education is a crucial foundation for building a strong, egalitarian society. Moreover, it is the key to enabling progress and improving livelihoods throughout Myanmar.

Our educational assistance firstly aims to build capacity at a grass roots level, enabling better access to education and educational resources. We want to help local communities to improve literacy standards, while providing a sustainable framework for continued, future development. We strive to support local communities and empower them through close engagement, consultation and collaboration.

Secondly, we strive to support the enhancement of the skills and prospects of our future leaders of our country across a wide spectrum of sectors, but with a particular focus on health, disaster relief and education.

We make every effort to work together with Myanmar people to identify their needs and help support those who are most vulnerable. This is integral to ensuring our work is sustainable and can benefit future generations.

We have made regular donations to villages and institutions to help improve access to education. This has included donating equipment, furniture and teaching resources (including books and educational material) to multiple regions, including rural villages, to improve local educational infrastructure.

Following the 2015 floods, we also engaged with affected communities to discuss and assist with the reconstruction of schools and the provision of aid to help rebuild local educational capacity.