AWF’s Core Values and Principles


The following are core values and principles that guide our Foundation’s activities.

We aim to encourage sustainable development and advance the livelihoods of people throughout Myanmar. AWF is passionate about working with local communities to help build their capacity and improve their way of life.

We show respect for our teams and the people we engage in communities throughout Myanmar. We will act in a professional manner and ensure others are treated equally and with respect.

We strive to ensure that we engage all parties and stakeholders during our development initiatives, which will improve the effectiveness and reach of our projects and assistance in the long term.

We take pride in our development initiatives and our accomplishments, and continually explore ways to improve our activities so that we can be more effective and efficient in helping those in need.

We recognise that Myanmar is comprised of many different ethnic and religious groups, and that each community has different beliefs, traditions and cultures. We will not discriminate on the basis of any of these differences.

We understand the benefit that economic development can have for Myanmar, but also realise that it can come at a cost to the local environment. During our activities we are committed to minimising any impacts and protecting the environments in which we operate.

We acknowledge the need to protect human rights and that it is our responsibility to help prevent and report any human rights abuses we become aware of during our activities.