The Asia World Foundation is committed to supporting projects to help develop the well being of the people of Myanmar. The Foundation has now been actively engaged in philanthropic works for a number of years. The projects we have supported have covered a broad range of areas including education, disaster relief, healthcare and community development.

We have recently been active in flood disaster relief efforts during the recent monsoon season. Tens of thousands were seriously affected and our contributions focused on immediate relief in the form of fresh water and food supplies in addition to projects concentrating on the longer term restoration of livelihoods.

We have decided to prioritize our efforts over the coming year towards education. As the country enters a new chapter in its history, we believe education will play a vital role in helping our citizens to maximize the potential of Myanmar, enabling all to share in the reaped rewards.

Meanwhile we will continue to work on other areas, including disaster relief as required, and will do our best to support a brighter future for our people.